Are pets allowed at Yallambee Village?


How close is Yallambee Village to public transport?

A bus stop is located outside Officeworks on the Central Coast Highway, which is only a 7 minute, 550 metre level walk from Yallambee Village. 
Gosford Railway Station is 2.5km or a 5 minute drive from Yallambee Village. 

How close is Yallambee Village to hospitals?

Gosford District Hospital is located 3kms from Yallambee Village, and Gosford Private Hospital is only 4.6kms from Yallambee Village. Reliance Medical Centre is located 700m from Yallambee Village.

How close is Yallambee Village to local shopping centre?

West Gosford Shopping Centre is an 800 metre level walk 9 minutes from Yallambee Village. West Gosford shopping centre includes Coles supermarket, pharmacy, post office, Commonwealth bank, barber shop, butcher, fruit shop, bakery, cafes and a variety of other  shops. 

What are the initial costs and ongoing costs associated with living at Yallambee Village?

An ingoing contribution is paid initially and a re current charge is payable weekly.

What do the ongoing costs cover?

The re-current charge covers the operational cost of operating Yallambee Village and maintenance  of fixed items in the unit.

What activities and services are available at Yallambee Village?

Residents have access to barbecue and entertaining areas throughout Yallambee Village. The Community Centre offers a wide range of activities, classes and social events to accommodate all interests and hobbies, including:

  • Indoor bowls
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • Card groups
  • Discussion groups
  • Day club 
  • Library facilities.
  • Technology centre
  • Gentle Exercise Classes

Yallambee Village also offers chapel services, an onsite hairdresser and podiatrist, as well as a mobile dental service and pharmaceutical services for the utmost convenience. 
Residents can also enjoy access to the village bus, which provides transport to nearby shops and other scheduled outings. 

What happens if I need extra care? 

Flexible services are available to residents of Yallambee Village if extra care is required. Our friendly trained staff can provide personal care, cleaning, cooking and transport services at flexible times. Competitive charges apply.

Are meals available at Yallambee Village?

Broadwater Day Club operates every Thursday in the Community Centre, providing Morning Tea, Lunch and activities.
Community Restaurant operated by Meals on Wheels every Friday in the Community Centre, providing Morning Tea, Lunch and activities.

What transport does Yallambee Village provide?

Residents have access to Yallambee Village buses, which provide transport to nearby shops and other scheduled outings.