PACE Aged Care wins state award for excellence

PACE Aged Care, of which Evergreen Life Care is a founding member, has won a state award for excellence at the Aged and Community Services NSW & ACT (ACS) Awards taking out the Award for Human Resources (HR) Management.

The ACS State Awards for Excellence promote and recognise excellence in a range of areas that contribute to the quality of life of older people, people with disabilities and/or their carers. These awards also acknowledge efforts to increase public confidence and community involvement in aged and community care services. 

Peninsula Villages, Adelene Retirement Village, Central Coast Community Care Association and Evergreen Life Care formed PACE Aged Care under a shared services organisational model. Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne Hostel then joined as a member organisation after the launch of PACE Aged Care earlier this year.

PACE Aged Care members employs more than 710 local people and provides accommodation for more than 1200 older people in our community. 

The group has already seen great success in its collaborative model sharing resources, training, development and administration and providing opportunity for growth and increased career pathways for all its employees.

“The PACE Aged Care collaborative model has demonstrated the advantages of the members working together to achieve common goals and I believe this is what made us stand out from the rest at the ACS Awards,” explained Ted Coupe, a Director of PACE Aged Care.

The PACE Aged Care member organisations, who are all prominent aged care providers on the Central Coast, have already collaborated on the best ways to deliver quality aged care and support services to locals in a bid to raise the benchmark in care standards and resources. 

“The main HR advantages we have seen to date are significant improvements through sharing staff on an as needed basis, as well as adapting efficient rostering, offering common training and leveraging on the high level executive support.

“The sharing of staff has been particularly beneficial in obtaining registered nurses for night shifts and to meet urgent needs. We have also seen increased opportunity for staff to develop themselves professionally through providing them varied experiences at different members sites that is broadening their experience and skillset,” added Mr Coupe.

The ACS Award for HR Management asked candidates to identify innovation in HR management and PACE Aged Care is proving that collaboration is key.

“With the Central Coast boasting a prominent ageing population, the aged care industry is becoming increasingly competitive but instead of working against one another, PACE is an opportunity for organisations to work together for the betterment of all. 

“By sharing resources and redefining best practices, staff from our member organisations now have access to a holistic, diverse and community-focused employer that can provide them with opportunities to grow and improve which is in turn benefitting all our residents and clients,” concluded Mr Coupe.

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Focus on understanding LGBTI elders

Four local aged care service providers including Evergreen Life Care have announced that they will implement a specialised training program to help staff across each of the organisations provide culturally appropriate care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) older people in the community.

A strategic alliance between Coastlink, an aged and disability service provider, Meals on Wheels Central Coast, a home and community care-funded not-for-profit organisation, Community Transport,a not for profit community transport service, and Evergreen Life Care, was formed last year to create opportunities for all four organisations to provide a broader and better-integrated range of services for Central Coast residents.
The LGBTI training program announcement, which coincides with Seniors Week, is another step forward for the alliance to improve and enhance valuable services offered to older people of the Central Coast.
In 2013, Evergreen Life Care received Commonwealth government funding to implement the LGBTI Elders’ Wellbeing Project which aims to deliver health and wellness capacity building programs to LGBTI older people. The training program was an initiative that derived from the project, with LGBTI elders identifying the need for LGBTI friendly aged care services.
The Evergreen Life Care team were the first to undertake the LGBTI training last week with Coastlink, Meals on Wheels Central Coastand Community Transport to commence training with their staff over the next few weeks.
The course covers a range of topics focusing on training staff to understand differences in sex, gender and sexuality, including physical characteristics, how a person forms their sense of being male or female, and sexual and romantic attraction.  It also aims to improve understanding of the sensitivities within particular sub-groups. The primary purpose of the training is to arm staff with the skills to provide appropriate care and deliver services that match the distinct and diverse needs of LGTBI older people.
Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Life Care, Ted Coupe said, “As part of our alliance, this training is an important step forward for our organisations, providing a program to equip our staff with the skills required to understand the particular needs of the LGBTI community.
“The training will go a long way to assisting with increasing our staff’s understanding around the impact of myths and stereotypes that many of these older people have lived with their whole lives, including for many, the effects of lifelong prejudice and discrimination.
“The launch of this training coincides with Seniors Week and ties in to this year’s theme of ‘Live Life!’ We are excited to be playing an active role in improving health, independence and recognition of LGBTI older people in our region.
More than 100 Evergreen staff have already been trained under this program, with the training course to be rolled out over the next 18-months to hundreds more staff across the other three organisations.
For more information on the organisations involved in this initiative please visit their respective websites –
Meals on Wheels Central Coast 
Community Transport

Maintaining our security

Upholding our residents' security is an extremely high priority for Evergreen Life Care.

Sometimes, routine and familiarity can breed a false sense of security and can neglect basic precautions and safety measures. Don't wait til it's too late.

In  Summer  doors and windows are being left open to catch the breeze. But we must all ensure that  our homes are kept secure. We can do this by ensuring security doors and windows are locked or window locks are installed on windows. 

We ask all residents to check their windows and doors are locked. Remember to lock up your home, even if you are only going out for a short time.

If you have any problems please report it to the office.


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